What do you think of this income raport?

This is a raport for 10 days. Unfortunatly admob doesn’t allow to change currency, but USD values are:

Request RPM: 1.41 USD
Impression CTR: 7.62 USD
Estimated earnings: 12.01 USD

This game has 191 active users and 756 total downloads.

Please tell me if I’m doing good or bad and if I should be investing into marketing this.

You need more impressions before you can effectively analyse the data. Get 10k impressions and then post again, along with geo data. Where your traffic is coming from means a lot.

Thank you for the tip, I will do that.

So I finally got 10k impressions. Take a look:


In USD data looks like this:
Request RPM: 1,10 USD
Impression RPM: 5,53 USD
Estimated earnings: 56,43 USD

Data for countries is for total downloads.