What do you think of Ayetstudios.com?

Hi there guys!

A month ago, I tried the services of ayetstudios.com, which offer install of your apps for a really low price. (about 10 cents per install for non targetted)

I signed in and spoke with the owner. He offered me a free trial for 50 downloads which is great.They had a really good service, simple interface, and delivered what they promised.

Here my questions :

Is it worth it?

Because I did further research, and found out that the install comes from users that are “paid” to install/complete survey. (CashPirate on google play)

Nothing wrong with this, except that mean I only get artificial downloads, and prolly 95% of them will be uninstall during the week.

Is it worth to get a 1000 downloads the firsts days to get in TOP ranking on google play, at the cost of a poor % of keeper?



I’m from ayeT-Studios so consider me biased, but I’d still like to comment on your post ;).

First of all you’re correct, our downloads are incentivized (as stated on our website) - otherwise we couldn’t hold that price / install.
But the installs are not artifical, that would imply emulators or bot nets & proxies, which violate Google’s Terms.

There are other big players (TapJoy, aarki, SponsorPay just to name a few) in the market who successfully push apps to the Top 10 - at higher prices.

The retention rate of incentivized installs depends on the app quality, but is usually low (5% - max. 20% after one week, where games work a lot better than apps).

The impact of total installs vs. active installs is debatable, but in my opinion the ratio is less important than most people believe.
This is definitely true for the “Top New Free” categories, where Google doesn’t have enough data to actually rank apps based on the active install ratio.

By the way, successful apps with 1.000.000+ installs tend to have an overall retention rate between 20%-30%.

1000 installs within a few days are not sufficient to rank anywhere near the Top 100 in a “Top Free” category, the competition is just too strong and “Top Free” is a lot less jumpy than “Top New Free”, which means it takes more consecutive days at a solid installation rate to climb to the higher rank positions.

There are many factors involved, like country, category and timeframe, but it’s possible to rank new apps in their respective “Top New Free” category with our service if you distribute and target the installs wisely.

Nobody here can give you a definite answer if your ROI will be positive, that’s something you’ll have to evaluate on your own.
There are services which provide a fairly accurate forecast, like AppAnnie Intelligence, buth they’re priced at around $250k anually.

You would have to calculate the CPI, the revenue per incentive user, the revenue per organic Google Play install and compare it to your rise in the rankings and to improvements of your most important keywords through the installs.


I bought a couple of thousands installs and overall I’m satisfied with the service. Users were real and interacted with most features of my game. Retention was better than expected, though that’ll probably depend on the nature of your apps.
However the number of installs per day is not very high, and you can only target US market as it represents ~40% of their traffic, the rest is all disperse. If you target other countries you’ll probably end up getting under 50 installs daily. It is still a good service, very strightforward, and gives you the chance to get users for a cheap price.

Great service, had a decent retention rate. No complaints. As mentioned. It all depends on the app.
I think it’s worth it.

Awesome answers from all of you!

DayWalker123, I don’t know if your answer/numbers are biaised, but it was a really informative reply.

I have some questions that I would normaly ask in private, but I feel it could help people who read this thread.

1 - Do you have a good coverage of others country? Ryan said you have about 40% of your traffic in US. Which other country can you provide a good amount of download in a short span of time? Is Canada good? :slight_smile:

2- Do you have an approv number of download needed for Top free and Top new free? We don’t have much budget on our side, and getting higher then 1000 download is pretty hard. You said top new wouldn’t be possible, would it be possible with 1000 thousand to reach the top new free? I know it’s all approximation, if you know it would be cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks you!

In our dashboard you can see live stats of the taffic distribution by country.
Right now the only countries where single-country targeting really makes sense are US and DE who make up 28,5% and 19,5% of our traffic.
CA has only 2,2%, so it’s not worth creating a campaign targeting this country only, unless you’re fine with 40-50 installs per day ;).

What category are you targeting with your app and which countries?
Our experiences from the past months are:

  • Ranking in the “Top New Free 100” is possible for some categories in the US with about 400-500 US installs per day (including organic installs) for at least 4 days.
  • Ranking in the “Top New Free 50” is possible for most categories (excluding casual games for example) in DE with about 200-300 DE installs per day (including organic installs) for at least 4-6 days.

Another interesting factor is the number of “high-budget apps” currently running in the top spots of their respective categories.
Sometimes there are more than 15 apps from big companies with high marketing budgets dominating the Top New Free rankings in a specific category which makes it impossible for small developers to get to the top positions in “Top New Free” until those apps drop out.

If you have more specific questions about your upcoming app and the chances to rank, you can send me a PM, mail or Skype me.


pretty much 100% uninstalled for me o.o …but as long as downloads legit and not bots…no complaints…nice research btw

Thanks for the stats Daywalker, this informations help me a lot to comprehend the situation.

As always the service is incredible.

I actually took 400+ install today, and I already got some review saying they would keep the game, so the retention doesn’t look so bad!

1000 installs in first 3 days will really give your app a boost for rankings, that should be enough to hit top 100 new section where your installs will grow even more.

Ok to keep you guys updated.

I paid for 434 paid install in US. I got them in about 2 days.

My retention rate is about 17% right now. So it’s really not that bad for paid install.

Now the result : We are ranked 236e in educational game in the US. Which is really great. And now that the campaign is over, we continu to receive around 15-20 download a day, which is really good for us.

Just for comparison :

For an arcade game, we paid around 200$ in admob marketing. Our CPI got around 40 cents. So we got less then 500 downloads from admobs, and we got it around the world, no targetted ads. It also took a lot longer, like 1-2 weeks to get the downloads. We didn’t get any rank, and now we get like 2-5 downloads a day. Our retention is about 28%.

For an educational game, we paid 50$ for 434 downloads in the US. We got them in 2 days, plus some random downloads. We are ranked in China, US, Canada and another tier 3 country. We get around 15-20 download a day. Our retention ius about 17%.

There is many different factor, like the game itself, the category and the targeted ads. But for now, Ayetstudio has been more efficient then admob.

I must say daywalker service really excellent! Though I have yet buy the package (previous trial retention rate was < 5% :frowning: thus I am still thinking the approach to do so), his response during the trial and his patience to answer some of the “funny” questions I had for him are really commendable!

Good luck to you, Kar! :slight_smile: I am your app will hit the desire success! :slight_smile:

I tried using their trial and they said I already used it when I released my first app last week…

I used his service and even wrote a detailed report on how I ended up geting triple the amount of paid installs organical. Basically once you get to the top new free list , the organic installs start to pour in and money starts to be made. Read here for more http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/marketing-methods/14059-how-i-reached-top-50-adventure-category-india-google-play-appstore-long-read.html

Im trying with a small HR campaign 500+50(trial) tokens

Now my app have got ~50 downloads daily.
I put in my campaign 50 more. It will be active about 6 days

The game takes less than one month launched and I hope to improve on downloads 100 downloads daily.

If you really want to market the game I would recommend doing a test with maybe $200 - $300 to see how it goes. As for methods CPI probably is your best bet if you want to get good quality traffic. Try Chartboost or Applovin or Facebook ads.

I tried them with two apps of mine, spent around 200$ didn’t see the difference much.
The cost per download is very cheap that’s the reason why I used them, but unfortunately the users uninstall the app quickly or after some days with the high retention program.

And there are always spam reviews that I didnt like, something like “Download some app to make money”.

For the future i’d only use app-brain even with their lowest 0.2 download cost the users that downloads the app are more likely to keep the app and really use it.

Ayet has a big user database, so it’s good if you need thousands of installs daily. But the bad side is a little bit expensive (especially retention and CPA services). There is many other installs provider who has the same services but for cheaper prices. For example: androidinstalls.com or waypedia.

great service…