What Do you think About this.?

What Do you think About this.?

Weird ??? How can we think about this, when there is nothing over here to think about ?? I would say you must be in dilemma while you… :confused:

you didnt post anything?

I think it’s a very important keyword for object oriented languages, but not all of them use it.

Can you please ask full question.What do you want to ask ?

Unfortunately I don’t think about this

I try to think about this but I always end up thinking about that.

why are you doing this to me?

Lol funny thread, but why are we doing this :rolleyes:

Ha ha… this might be nice, but it’s not selfish enough.

I am really thinking bad about it :D, and cant share my thoughts…

this is just privacy breach… leomaster

This looks sick (from the good point) ;D
Looking forward

Nobody can think this thread

I don’t think it is exactly t h i s we are doing here… :slight_smile:

what do you think about it? :smiley: