What do you think about this income report (chat app)

about 1,800 downloads and increasing about 100 downloads per day.

using interstitial on login, then banners on chat stage.

Any comments or tips?

Nice results!

what else you want from banners. Those are excellent numbers

I think these are great results for the tiny amount of installs you got :slight_smile:

$187/2000 = $0.1 per download LTV (life time value)

$0.1 per user is great in your first month from ads alone

Want to sell me your app?

Yes my goal is to boost the downloads x 1000 times. :smiley: need an investor $$

Here is an update, I have tried, revmob and appnext, but adMob works a lot better for me.

Congrats on the results!

From the chart it looks as if you only gave RevMob and AppNext a testrun of 48 hours combined?

I am curious, did you build the chat/streaming infrastructure yourself? I am assuming that the cam streams are being relayed by a server since it would be nearly impossible to set up a direct connection between 2 actual devices.

Admob is very reliable but the earnings are brutal and not in a good way. Try and mix at least 3 networks and at various places in your app. Your user base is awesome, now go get that money :slight_smile:

2 devices can have direct TCP or UDP conncetion if they are under same network (just like under same wifi connection at home)

But devices in different networks.definitely need infrastruction and all stuff to set up connection. whatsapp and wechat are doing same thing i think.

may be bigWhoop can throw some light on this.

This is how Whatsapp operates:

OS: freeBSD
Server : yaws
Server application : custom ejabberd
Language : erlang
Technology : custom XMPP
PHP somewhere in middle for non-stream server-user transactions.
Database but as they don’t store much of the message data(mysql would work as it works in twitter/fb)

XMPP : to transfer messages.
Encryption: rc4
Base64 : binary to ASCII over internet
System Details: http://www.erlang-factory.com/upload/presentations/558/efsf2012-whatsapp-scaling.pdf

I was looking at revmob and the RPM was not what I was thinking… maybe it takes some time to perform better, appnext was too low as well and it generated so me crash reports.
Yes the app is the mobile version of a web app that has been out for several years.
it uses streaming services.

What you need the money for? Pm me a link to your app, I might throw down some cash :slight_smile:

I want to boost installs, as many as I can :slight_smile:

Right now I am in the process of getting a dedicated box in case this app goes crazy and I need to be prepared for an increase in user logging in, any suggestions? what location should I get the server from?



If you app does go crazy, you need to think of an architecture that can work using multiple boxen to handle the load…

Yes, that’s what I’m thinking, some load balancers to handle it.

Wow, I take it that your average session lengths are quite long? Are all those impressions just from this app?

Yes, this app only, sessions are very long, users like to chat a lot.

How did you implement the server for the chat app? how does video chat work? Does it use lot of bandwidth?

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