What do you suggest ?


I have more than 10 apps on Google Store.

These are my reports, (dates 02.10.12-13.10.12)

According to my impressions, do you think i should keep working with AdMob ?

Or should I change it ? Any suggestions ?

I dont want to bother my users.

Thank you so much.


  1. is your AdMob banner placed on the bottom of the screen, next to Home, Back etc. buttons?
  2. can you take one of the apps and input AirPush SmartWall or LeadBolt AppWall, and just test it for a few days?

Yes it is.

  1. I have tested for a while with Leadbolt App-Wall. But even I clicked twice (from Turkey) its still showing as 0.00 revenue.

Very interesting…

I would suggest trying other ad networks out as well. I used admob briefly and too had very low CPM I also hated that there support was so hard to get a hold of. I am currently using Airpush which has been getting me pretty satisfactory CPM and fill rates. I’ve also heard good things about Appbrain. I would suggest giving those two a try.

Which ad type are you using with AirPush ?

I am using their smartwall and push notifications.

Is there any good ad-network which is paying per-click and also possible to use full screen ads for that ?

Thank you.

As I posted here, I was using Admob banner ads for a while but switched to Millenial Media and am getting better results. I recommend trying them. For interstitials, I use Airpush SmartWall and I also use Airpush push notification ads.

Hello fanarin,
Have you tried our services at Tapit?
We offer traditional Banners, Medium and Full Screen Interstitials, and AdPrompts–a type of Alert Ad that looks very native to OS.

What makes us a “good ad-network” is around the clock support with actual people, an SDK that is easy to work with, a very fast server, and large brand advertisers.

We have high fill rates in US, UK, Germany, France, and other tier 1 countries.
We offer consistent eCPMs and payouts. Feel free to sign up at tapit.com and give us try :slight_smile: