What do you suggest to market my app

Hello all,

I am about to release an app that I I have a lot of faith in :). What would you do if you were me to market it? I have always just counted on releasing it and sharing on my facebook. But what else I should do? Is there review website that feature apps, or some other ideas?

Thank you so much.

It depends a lot on how much you expect to earn per user and how much you can afford in advertising.

General procedure I do:

  • post on Facebook
  • post on Twitter
  • post on G+
  • ask everyone you know to download and rate your app
  • if you have more than one application, use in-house ads to promote your new one
  • run CPI campaign to promote your new application
  • do rating exchange with other developers (search for a thread that I started named 1:1 rating exchange)

To be honest - the way to market a game depends heavily on the quality and the genre of the game. Let’s assume you got a high quality game and need to bring some buzz to it. You can just spread your word everywhere you can in the hope, that someone actually hears you - always remember, that this is, was everyone else is doing also, so the general visibility is almost zero. It will still work if you just have a game that is great fun and very original, so a couple of players will get it rolling without any big problems.

If the above is not working - or not suited for your game or you just don’t want the whole effort, you can do your marketing very targeted. Does your game cover a specific genre? Search for forums about that genre, sign up and post something interesting about your game - you will get response directly from your target group about your game. Be ready to accept those opinions and learn from it.

You can do the same with blogs, which are dedicated to your genre or theme - write them a mail, send them a free copy and ask for a review. They normally have a good userbase, which is highly interested in anything of the specific genre.

Please do not just send a standard-mail to any blog you can find. It will just not work - be targeted, be serious.

That’s my tip about marketing your game - marketing is one of the hardest tasks a developer will face. Sad but true :slight_smile:

Informative thread with the best shared replies. In App marketing success, app reviews play main role for good marketing and getting good sale.

I guess I’m in a slightly different boat because most of my apps so far are tools rather than games (I only have one Android game atm). I think Facebook/Twitter/Google+ are only as good as the number of people you are able to reach (in my case, not many).

Only one of my apps has had any significant number of downloads, and I think the main factor has been that it’s unique without being obscure. As far as I can tell, I’ve been getting downloads at random. Right now, I’m trying to broaden my reach by adding more content to my web site, my facebook, twitter, and youtube channel. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

Yes hanfoosh, actually there are many ways to market your app. Starting with review sites, there are many good ones like 148apps, MIiPadApps, theiPhoneAppReview, TheDailyAppshow, Appvee and AppRater. If you want a good resilient marketing plan, you could read this guide which is divided into 3 parts for before, during and after app release. Hope it helps you.

There are a few things you can do.

  1. Find the channels that can best do a great job promoting your app (The best channel depends on keywords people would search to find your app. Depending on the subject, people often change where they promote stuff. For example, professional subjects normally are shared in Linkedin) But you should search that first. I can help you with that.
  2. Find foruns related to that keywords and start helping people there.
  3. Do the same with Quora.
  4. Find other markets to promote. US is a very crowded market. You can promote your app in growing economies, such as Brazil. I can also help you with that if you want.

Just posting on your own Facebook and Twitter account won’t do any help, unless you are a very popular person.

Hope this was useful.