What do you mean by "Pinterest"?

Hi everyone, I want to know what the term " Pinterest" means to to you. Let me know about the Pinterest in terms of its advantages.

Thanks in advance!

Pinterest has higher click rate than Twitter and FB COMBINED. Now if only they would release an API :frowning:

Don’t know yet, but I decided to give it a go and registered a little while ago: Turska Games (turskagames) on Pinterest
I don’t know if it would be a good idea to try to be active all over social media, or be more focused?

Pinterest seems like a visual Twitter. Rather than sifting through multiple short text posts like on Twitter, people can track and find out more about their interests in a graphical way. Some like to read, some like pictures, and Pinterest tailors to the latter. The team over at Pinterest did a nice job :).

Pinterest is a Social bookmarking website where you can pin you favorite stuff as book mark.

It’s not so much for other people to look at, but for you to have links to things you want to look at later, or that you really like/inspire you.