What do I need to develop a game like "Don't tap the white tile"

I have no experience in game developments this is going to be my first game. I have researched a bit and it seems like libgdx would be the best to learn due to its cross platform compatibility but i am still looking. can someone with experience tell me where to start with a similar to Don’t tap the white tile and any advice for game development in general

We developed a Dont tap the white tile game, here is it:


Light, fast, well-programmed, with admobs banner & interstitial + Google Play included.

We are selling the source code (without assets) for $250 to only 10 people.

PM if you are interested :wink:

PD: We used libgdx

Is this the original game? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.umonistudio.tile

Unified title that rose in the US market first. Anyone know how it was marketed? Just a big advertising campaign?

i don’t know actually, but you can always take a look at appannie or appbrain :wink:

Smells like a bunch of flappy bird bullshit to me… :wink:

This game so simple and not hard to make. Don’t buy, try to clone it and you can learn many things