What are your thoughts on appodeal are they a good network?Fast Payments?

Ok I was doing a lot of research and looking for networks that weren’t just cpi but a mix of pay per install , clicks , and impressions. AppOdeal looked like the best bet out of all of them so far. I just need to know

  1. Do they pay on time and if they pay weekly, biweekly etc.

  2. Did any of the ADs get you banned?

  3. How fast is the customer service?

Thank you for your feedback. If there is any AD service just as good let me know also.

Hey @Pixelpower

Please keep AdAbouts on your radar screen for the coming months. We’ll be releasing a beta version of our product around May/June and I think we’ll
address all of the features you’re looking for – weekly/bi-weekly payments (still finalizing), a mix of campaign types, responsive service, and some other
cool features we’ll be rolling out. All with a very lightweight SDK that requires no updates when additional demand partners join our platform.

Please check out our “INTRO TO ADABOUTS” thread here on the first page and definitely stop by our site and give us an email: AdAbouts - Remarkably Relevant Mobile Advertising.

We’ve posted a sneak peek of our dashboard on the forum to get some feedback from you guys and will be sending out email updates as well.
We want to build a strong community of developers around this release and do our best to incorporate the features you want to see…



Ok is your service ready to use now? I looked and signed up but didn’t see anything.


Thanks for signing up. We’ll be launching the service in the next couple of months.

Our dev team is hard at work and we expect to release around mid-May to early June.

You’ll see plenty of updates and news on the forum as we get closer to release. Did you see
the google form in our INTRO thread? Would be great to have you join us as a beta tester.