What are ways of making a video of your app?

I’ve been doing some looking around and I can’t find any easy solution to making a video of my app to promote it. I’ve seen a number of good looking videos attached to some of the apps being promoted on this forum and I’d be interested in hearing the tooling and techniques used.

One constraint I have is that I am running on Linux and therefore some of the custom video packages won’t work, so ideally any ideas for recording video on this OS would be great.

Thanks in advance.

I had a great deal of trouble finding an appropriate solution for recording video demos. In the end, I stumbled on an app called Screencast (requires root). It works quite well for recording a video from the Android device itself. Certainly a lot better than anything else I could find.

After recording a video demo with Screencast, I just copied the file to my computer and cut it to length with Kdenlive (Linux video editor). This let me add some background music as well.

So that’s one method. I’d be interested to hear how other people created demos to include in the Android Market / Google Play listing.

Thanks for the tips. Keep thinking I should bite the bullet and root my phone, nervous though it makes me! This isn’t the first scenario I’ve encountered where development might be easier with root access to my phone.

Because I am using libgdx, I also have Desktop versions of my games, where it is much easier to capture videos on :slight_smile: (and much more easier to develop games btw)

I rooted my HTC desire about a year ago and have no regrets! Check out Cyanogenmod at the same time and you’ll be sorted :slight_smile:

I’d recommend rooting a phone with no hesitation whatsoever. The only real danger is when you load a custom ROM like Cyanogen - but even then, most modern phones are pretty hard to brick.

I hacked this by using Camtasia. Open Emulator, record app activity to make the video.

PC screen/video capture software + emulator works great. Unless you want to show the user using the interface.