What are the must have features in food delivery app?

can any one help with this?


Hi, This is Pandi Developer at Uplogic Technologies.

Following the coronavirus outbreak, people have begun to socially withdraw and purchase food online with the possibility of contactless home delivery. As a result, all restaurants now need to have a food delivery app in order to stay in business. The following are some crucial aspects for the development of a high-quality meal delivery app.

Important Features of Food delivery app:

  • Options for store selection that use GPS and locality.
  • Promo & Offer Management.
  • Customization of the Home Screen.
  • Reduce Order Processing Time.
  • Offer More Ordering Options.
  • Customer feedback, ratings, and reviews.
  • integration of payment gateways and several payment options.
  • Real-time Monitoring.

Thank you.