What are the most popular game in the casino?

I was seeking this certain info for a long time. You offer a great service to us collectors, and please keep it up. Any way, I just want to ask a question. What are the most popular game in the casino? And how it works? Is anyone can answer? Thank you.

I can give you an answer based on my subjective opinion, if it suits you of course. I assume that the most popular casino game are slots, since this game does not require any skills and huge investments. Poker is the most popular after the slots, after poker there is already a game called blackjack. This is my personal top three popular casino games, compiled by me six months ago. I compiled this list of popular games based on observations of people in various casinos that I sometimes like to visit. My favorite game is poker, which I train to play to this day. Poker is a very responsible and attentive game, so I like it. Good luck to you, friend!

As for me, I love playing at the syndicate casino. A lot of me and my friends play. Keep high vibrations and think win. Good luck everyone who reads this and know - your big win is just around the corner. Stay positive.