What Are The In-Demand Skills in Freelance Java Jobs?

There are a wide variety of Java jobs available online. A lot of these jobs involve building web applications, and these are the most in demand. But there are other roles that you can apply for as well.

If you’re a freelancer, your skills really come into play when you’re looking for clients. So it’s important to know what types of projects are in demand so that you can better match your skills with the needs of your potential clients.

Here are some skills that you can polish:

  • In-depth knowledge of OO design and programming.

  • Knowledge of frameworks and designs, such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSF.

  • Software development life cycle understanding.

  • Familiarity with code versioning tools like Git, Mercurial or SVN.

Besides being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Java is used by thousands of companies to create mobile apps for Android devices. It’s also the number one programming language taught to students at North American universities.

Below I have mentioned some of the highly demanded skills in Java jobs:

Artificial Intelligence

Those in search of a highly paid career as a freelance Java programmer might not immediately think of AI when they’re looking for a way to make money online. But there are plenty of companies that need computer programmers who can help them automate tasks. The growth of AI in the workplace is driving demand for people who can build, develop and utilise AI-based technology.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) emerged as the fastest-growing skill among all Java jobs posted, with 8x year-over-year growth. AWS is a collection of remote computing services — also called web services — that together make up a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon.com.

Hadoop/Big Data

In the world of data, everyone wants more information faster than ever before. This means that businesses want to take large quantities of unstructured data and make sense of it in an organised way. To do this, they need knowledgeable people on their team who can use Hadoop tools to collect, sort, and analyse the data. If you are seeking a growing career in java jobs then consider gaining knowledge of Hadoop.