What are the best ways to increase your app ranking in the Apple iOS App Store?

The higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases. When searching for an app, users often reference the ranking of the app, because this will be a guide and standard to decide if they are going to download the app. And data shows that over 70% users download an app by searching in app stores. So increase app ranking is a great app promotion method.
Based on the picture, we can boost app ranking by optimizing the following aspects.

The more downloads you have, the more downloads you’ll get. App publishers should aim for a steady amount of downloads to rank highly. If you budget is enough, you can buy keyword search installs from third party agencies, like [b]ASOtop1[/b], which can boost app ranking in a short time, about 8~10 hours, it’s the most effective way to boost app ranking.

It would make sense that Apple gives greater visibility to apps with a track record for generating cash to gain. Apps with a good record of revenue generation will get more visibility from the app store.

App Starts
app starts demonstrate that people actually use your app and act as a measure of engagement and retention. The number of times users actually open your app also has a significant impact on ranking. You can host contests to increase app starts.

Numbers &Value of Reviews
Ratings and reviews also play an important part in the rank algorithm, helping you show up for relevant key terms. If your average star rating goes from low to high, then your visibility goes up exponentially. Additionally, most people prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews and higher ratings. Besides invite your users to review your app, you can also buy app reviews and ratings from third parties, like Bestreviewapp, Reviewapp4u, which will not cost your too much, but boost app ranking and downloads efficiently.

Keywords Relevance - Keyword research
When you choosing keywords, you should take relevance, competition and traffic into consideration.The trick here is to hit the right balance between the different levels of traffic and difficulty. Data shows that using keywords in app title can result in up to a 10.3% increase in rankings, so it’s a good choice to add keywords in app title.

Recently Updated
On the App Store, your existing user base updating your app will give you a short term uplift.

Regional success can influence your ranking in that region. Boosting your ranking in multiple regions can have a snowball effect.