What are the best ways for boost app downloads?

Hi friends, imagine that as an app developer, what is the finally goal they want to achieve? Yes, it is make their app come into the top charts and get as much as possible ROI. So how to achieve this goal is kind of difficult for them. Get more app downloads is a vital important way to achieve this goal. Maybe every developer knows about this principle, and they also tried a lot of methods to do it. But the result is not very good. That is because they use the method every developer used. So, today I want to introduce some effective ways for boost app downloads.

1. Select the most appropriate category for your app
Selecting an appropriate app category is one of the simplest ways to ensure your app will appear in front of users who are much more likely to download it. There are a number of app categories to choose from, so you should ensure you choose the right category for your app. This is the basic way make your app get more downloads than others.

2. Get Positive Reviews and High-star Ratings
Reviews and ratings are the most important factors checked by potential users. Because these two factors represent for the user experience of one app. Most people are tend to download an app which has more positive reviews and high-star ratings. Furthermore, apps with positive reviews and 4-5 star ratings are more likely be featured on App Store. You can invite your users, friends and families to review and rate your app, or you can get them from third parties, like Reviewapp4u, which provide positive reviews and high-star ratings from real users.

3. Use Internet Resources
As we all know that, nowadays, Internet is the most popular and important way to promote an app. Make full use of internet. You can do online advertisement such as advertise on some websites and cooperate with some web celebrities. They have a lot of loyal fans, if they can advertise for your app, it can get a lot of app downloads. And also be active in the forums which are contain your potential users, answer their questions and communicate with them. Guide them to download your app.

4. App Store Optimization
ASO is very important for boost app rankings and get more app downloads. This is after ASO, your app can be searched easier in the app store than before. More potential users will see your app when they put relevant keywords in the search box. So learn how to do ASO is a better way to boost your app downloads. Here are some methods about how to do it.

[li]Choose a short but attractive title
[/li][li]Design an attractive icon
[/li][li]Using eye-catching screenshots and video
[/li][li]Choosing right and popular keywords
[/li][li]Writing a great description

5. Get Featured On Mobile App Review Sites
There are many sites you can submit your app, such as cnet,mashable, techrunch, app advice, appbrain,etc. If you get reviewed by a popular app blog like AppAdvice, you can expect a similar amount of traffic to flow through to your website and App Store listing. If you get featured on The Next Web, you can expect tens of thousands of unique visitors in the first 24 hours to hit your website and your app store page.

Above are some best ways to boost your app download, hope it is helpful for you. Thanks for reading.