What are the best mobile networks ?

Hi Guys, what are the best mobile networks ?
I used Admob, but after a month my Admob and also my Adsense account get banned.
Now I use StartApp, but starting with December month their eCPM is very very low.With 80.000 impressions I get only 20$ per day.

Appnext is the best.

Mobile core is also OK.

How much is their eCPM?

Appnext - about $4-$5 eCPM.
Mobile core - about $3 eCPM, although their eCPM is probablyt lower, because they are known to cheat in impressions to increase the eCPM (read here: http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/16714-ecpm-we-being-fooled-yes-we.html)