What are the best and cheapest ways to buy many installs?

I know there are some incentivized ad networks, but they are too expensive ($0.10 for incentivized install)

Anyone know of services like this?
SpeedyAppRank.com - App Marketing and App Ranking

$0.15 per install, high retention rate

Hi there ;
i recommend Supersonicads , its a really great platform to promote and monetize your apps,
all you need to do is add your app on your account , add fund and then set you installs target .

i use this service with my new published games , in order to get a high rank in the top new free games on Google play .

Also , every user that signs up with my link will receive $120 after he accumulates 1,000 impressions or deposits $100 to promote their mobile app : Supersonic Mobile Advertisement - Earn an extra $120 bonus

this is really great service , all the installs are real , you can contoll everything in your compaign , budget & targeting , tracking .

and also guys if you know some good gigs in fiverr about reskin and google play description translation , plz share with us :slight_smile:

I sell incentivized installs (Normal retention). My price is $90 for 1000 worldwide :slight_smile:

The best and cheapest ways to buy many installs is getting app ratings from buyappratings, if you place a rating order, you can get the same numbers of app installs for free at the same time, really cost effective.

I have used motivated traffic to get a lot of app installs in short time.

Each time when I launch my app – I order app installs from different companies in order to get more installs and compare the results. I do believe that any ranking improvement comes from the number of installs and their dynamics. My point of view - the motivated installs are awesome alternative to be visible for organic audience.

To order the service of incent installs – you can from a range of agencies which are easy foundable in Google search result page.

My last 2 companies were [b]KeenMobi[/b] (the guys there do not require to register – just choose needed package and your campaign is launched manually) and [b]MoPeak[/b] (the company which propose personal panel and opportunity to manage your campaign by yourself).

Hope my reply is useful for your app promotion.