What are the Best Ad Networks of 2018

Hi friends,
Can you please suggest some best ad networks except admob and FAN?


Appodeal seems to be doing well. They can connect with admob and FAN, and they also include other good ad networks, like applovin (nice video ads, very high eCPM lately!).

Unity ads for games.

Absolutely www.appmediation.com – i’ve just tried them and made up to $7 in eCPM with interstitial ads.

Finally, top Ad Networks in 2018 a ‘developer-friendly’ Mobile Revenue Maximization Solution

Alphagravel is an intelligent mobile mediation and revenue maximization platform. Developers can get a stable income with a guaranteed minimum ECPM, regular payments, and automated access to vast media sources via a simple SDK.

The Alphagravel platform is engineered to leverage real-time big data predictive analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to learn the true price of your mobile inventory, routing the highest paying advertising content to your mobile app and offering you a guaranteed minimum ECPM in the process. With one SDK, every developer on the alphagravel platform gets intelligent automated mediation, price transparency, algorithmic smart routing, dynamic waterfalling, conversion optimization, automated fraud detection, and a consolidated view of mobile advertising spend across 195 countries in every second of the day. Our Alpha-copTM algorithm ensures that non-performing networks are black-listed and removed in real-time.

The alphagravel SDK serves as a gateway to multiple advertising networks, ad exchanges and ever growing new media sources. Integrate the alphagravel SDK once, set your guaranteed minimum expected ECPM and forget about releasing new code into production just to add new ad networks.

Want to give it a try ? Integrate the Alphagravel SDK from official website

  1. fyber ads with fyber mediation network
  2. Unity Ads

All ad networks have their ups and downs. They’ll have a good campaign, then it will end, then later they’ll get another, and so on. It’s best to have multiple networks and mediate them. That way you get the benefit of the ups, and can mitigate the downs.

What is the best? That is a question that is always asked but can never really be answered. But now you CAN try out these different networks without wasting valuable time and resources.

Check out all of the different networks and 3rd party services that Enhance supports. Integrate them in just minutes and find out which network work best for you, NOW!

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You can’t beat admod… good one from the rest is apodeal

Appodeal has a really cool Performance Report on ad networks by format, device, and region. You should check it out :wink:


Have you tried Epom Apps? [b]Epom Apps[/b] is one of the most trusted and high-paying FREE monetization platforms for app developers.
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Can you explain why you can pay directly for AdMob and Facebook earning while other system like Appodeal can’t do that?

Have you tried fyber ads? Any stats?

The best return is definitely Samba Networks where you get paid for every ad watched with a CPM of up to $20!

They’re all video ads from top brands so better than app install ads too.

Their SDK link is here: https://github.com/SambaCommunications/Samba-Android-SDK/blob/master/README.md

Hi guys, I would suggest you checking out Addvertize. Mostly it is focused on smart trigger-based ad serving, which generates legit additional advertising revenue stream for Google Play or non-Google Play users, depending on your settings. Researches show, that 100% of Android paid apps and 80% of free apps are being hacked, that’s why the project also focuses on application and it’s SDK protection technologies. However, it is also a service project, that has several unique features that no one has or ever had:

-one click SDK integration
-protection from any adware/malware injection
-protection from SDK removal
-trigger based ad serving system
-automatic detection (if needed) of non-Google Play installs and serving additional ads to those installs
-remote control over ads behavior

In other words, it has everything to increase your revenue and - what’s more important, to protect your traffic and apps from being stolen!