What are the 5 app ideas that are popular for business today?

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I am planning to make 5 new apps source code to sell public on my website projectemplate.com, so I need your help to suggest me 5 cool business apps that you think it is popular for business today. I already have solution for restaurant, ecommerce shopping, corporate, mp3, album photo, news, soccer, etc. you can see more at projectemplate.com platforms. I am happy if I will have new ideas to add to my portfolio :smiley:

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Business apps…
As a tech guy for a pretty large organization (20k+ employees).
You should be looking at secure data/access.

Basically what these guys are doing https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Good+Technology

Copy and Paste from mobile to desktop or desktop to mobile. Boring but very useful.

That would be an excellent idea for an app. It wouldn’t be that flashy, but it would be pretty useful.

Camera app is also good I think

Maybe something related to tracking of clients and the projects, a kind of CRM that covers the basic things on the app. Making it more complex would lead to lack of users. So, keeping just the basic things of the CRM in the app should be there.

Here are the top 5 apps of the month

[li]My Samsung Rewards[/li][li]Moodit by Mahindra Comviva[/li][li]Looptop[/li][li]Yoho - Local Snaps[/li][li]DesiDime - Free Coupons & Deals[/li][li]Tupelo Life - Health & Fitness[/li][/ul]


call recorder, note book

You can try following app development:

Photography app
Travel app
Chat app
The app that shows healthy food options nearby
The app that can control security systems, TVs, AC etc.
Grocery Shopping app

Top business ideas & opportunities -






Here I am sharing you 5 of the best app ideas that can make money.

Find flexible work app
App for baby’s daily needs
Trip planning and budgeting app
Interest-based community app
Uber for repair

Apps regarding babies and day care is getting popular these days as well as looking for services over your doorstep, you should check out those first

It is very promising to develop applications related to medicine. You can read about trends in this area on thissite.

Language learning app
Health check-up app
Food planner app
Tutor searching app
Parking space finder app