What are "net installs (devices)"?

In the android market interface, I see two numbers:

  • total installations (users)
  • net installs (devices)

What are net installs? The number is much lower for the later - why is this the case?


Total installs are the overall times your app has been downloaded.

Net installs are those that have not uninstalled your apps.

Ignore the “users” and “devices”, really weird that they display that over there.


Thanks … but that means from the 21 installs, only 7 have kept it on their devices? I have more ratings than that…

Yes, and I would like to add one more question, which is a trifle related to the one Zet’s asked, what exactly does the graph associated with the application on the market.android.com presents?

Hi zet,

How many ratings do you have?

Hi rixment,

The graph is active installs…


I’ve noticed that the active install count lags a day or two behind the total download count. So if you app is new the 7 active installs may be from a day or so earlier and will catch up in the next few days.

Yes, I am noticing that now as well, my counter bumped up today.
I also noticed that there’s no stats entry for the 27th dec. - like it didn’t record anything for yesterday.

If a user downloads an apk from another source will the show under “net installs”?

No. Only downloads from the Android Market show up under the developer console. Neither “total installs” or “net installs” will show any change if a user downloads the apk from another source.

No. Only downloads from the Android Market show up under the developer console.

And this is really a shame…some of my games have been downloaded thousands of times at SlideMe…in the Android Market just 100 times. Looks not so good for potential users…