What ad publisher and method would you use?

Hi guys

Me and my friend are currently working on certain application, that, hopefully, will generate some profit for us.

Due to the nature of the app, it won’t be shown for extended period of time, application might be used frequently, but on average, it will be shown on screen for 2-5 seconds max.

We were thinking of placing the banner on top or bottom of the application, yet I couldn’t find the relevant information online. Is, for example, pushair paying just for the fact that advertisement has been shown, or requires user to click on the baner in order to generate any revenue?

Also, what sort of method you would prefer for such application?


Consider interstitials. You could show them with X button or use AppBrain method - on close. Banners for 2-5 seconds won’t get you much revenue I’m afraid (I’m actually facing similar problem in one of my game and decided to try interstitial but am waiting for separate Airpush SDK).

If you don’t want bad reviews in app comments like “viruss”, you should use admob, like me.

Also I’m using StartApp. It should be very good for you. (1000 install from US -> $ 0.05, other less $. )

And dont use LeadBolt for now :frowning: . Really bad eCPM. (<1$)

Thanks mate, actually intersistial sounds reasonable to be placed right after our appliation has been used (and just before effect takes place).

Do you know by any chance whether banners generate revenue only on pay-per-click, or on apperance as well (I understand in the second case, due to short apperance time, revenue wouldn’t be overwhelming)?

One more question, you wrote “AppBrain method - on close”. Could you please briefly explain me how it works, it looks like android market-ish website, couldn’t find explanation to what you wrote.

Thanks a lot!

Yeah, I was wondering what makes negative reviews? Why google’s admob can potentially prevent this to happen?

Interesting. Can you use it and something else simoultaneously?

True, I’ve heard that it’s rubbish recently. Airpush looks far better in stats, any insights on that one?

Airpush sends your users email and phone number to adult chat/dating advertisers. If you are comfortable with that, use it.

You can exclude dating campaigns from within Airpush portal.

For example I saw a notification ad in a app : " Your phone has a virus, Please click to install Anti-virus".

Admob wants 1 permission but for example StartApp 7 or 8. I think people dont like these permissions.

Yes, but I’m not sure, I am using.

I didnt try airpush.

Only pay per click (admob). Some other also have pay-per-install sometimes (AppBrain, Leadbolt).

Seriously, use Millenial Media for banners at least and backfill it with admob. I’m upset I used admob as long as I did.

@Dan - what eCPM and fillrate you get at Millenial Media? People always say “don’t use admob” but when they state the eCPM they get it’s mostly lower than I get on adMob… From what I read Millenial Media has quite poor eCPM.

I’m trying mmedia on some % of my traffic. So far eCPM is pretty much the same as adMob (maybe one or two cents higher but that’s all) so I’m a bit disappointed. Will keep tracking it for some time to see how it behaves over time but if it stays the same then I don’t see any reason to switch.

@Magnesus - you need to try it yourself. What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for your app and the other way around. Millenial is CPC like adMob so if you have high eCPM because of high CTR that should be high on Millenial as well.

Thanks for the info.

I have tried MANY of the mobile ad networks and recommend using the following:

  1. Millennial Media for banner ads (I’m getting $1+ CPM)

  2. Airpush for SmartWall (their Interstitial product) on app exit at the very least, and better yet on app launch as well. (I’m getting $8 - $13 CPM)

  3. Airpush for Push & Icon ads out of app if you’re comfortable with a slightly degraded user experience (I’m getting $2 - $8 CPM but it allows you monetize inactive users which is so many more users, so it’s hard to compare. )

What CTR do you have to reach $1 on MMedia? How does that compare to adMob?

Thank you all guys for discussion, great gems of information out there.

My understanding is that there is no limitation to the number of ad publishers as well as methods that can be stuffed in the application. Only concern is how annoying will that be for the customer?

CPM is quite an importan issue here, is there any problem to change ad publisher if the CPM of currently used is rubbish?

You could always try www.OrionExchange.com if you’re displaying Ads quickly. Regardless of display time, you’ll still earn from the Banner and you can use this to Advertise your Application again, it’s a great way to scale your user base.

All the best.

I vote Airpush. New SDK with SmartWall is sweet and if your not in the loop it is compliant with Google’s developer policy and I think also guidelines from Lookout if I recall correctly. What i definitely recall is how much I made last month :slight_smile: