What ad network would fulfill my needs best? Details are inside!

I have 6 millions dailly banner ad impressions and 200k interstital ad impressions. I want to add try other ad networks, It seems there are less ad networks with banner ads, and I read a lot on forum today and could not decide which ad network suits for my apps profile best. Also please tell me how does these stats sounds?

Impression 6 millions
impression 1%
eCPM 0.22$

Impression 200k
impression 1.5%
eCPM 0.9$

PS:I am using interstitial ads less because I don’t want to get bad reviews and more uninstalls.

Hi Dirhem,

At Airpush our 360 abstract banners are highly engaging with solid CPM and fill rate world wide. We are able to put in HD Videos and rich media abstract banners in our 360 abstract container, along with standard 320x50 ads, and can certainly fill your number of impressions. Our Smart wall is a collection of several interstitial ad types, including full screen ads, video, dialog overlay, etc. Our algorithm will pick the best ad type to show the user based on their country, device and internet connectional, so it doesn’t appear to be as aggressive, and doesn’t disrupt user experience.

You can review our demo site here at Airpush Publisher Demo and our integration document here manage.airpush.com/docs/index.php?title=Standard_SDK_8.0

Please shoot me a PM to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Don’t risk your income with experiments. AdMob is not in its best moment but is always reliable and 100% compliant with Google Play. For that amount of impressions i would only try well established ad networks.

For games Chartboost and UnityAds (video ads) could give you a good result and both of them have a good reputation. Audience Network (Facebook) could be another good choice, i haven’t tried it but being Facebook you can be safe.

You can always split your impressions to improve your fill rate and check which one gives you a better eCPM.

Whatever you do, stay away from chartboost. Their eCPM is irellevant and they only pay for installs. Some days you could get a lot of installs but most of the time you wont get any installs since all their advertisers are for the same games over and over (clash of clans, etc). Secondly, all the games in the ads are 200+MB. so there’s a very small pool of people that will install the games in the ads and you only get paid when they install the games.

That being said, I’m currently in the process of implementing apodeal in my games (not close to your impressions, im more in the range of 50-80k / day). All their users reported very high eCPMS, since they show ads from all major networks (admob, unity, etc) and only display the most profitable ad to the user. Anyway, check this screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1111338/Screen%20Shot%202015-03-02%20at%206.46.35%20PM.png

Also, they make instant payouts. So, money you make today can be withdrawn tomorrow. If you’re curios register here and let me know how it goes: http://appodeal.com/

Just did the math: on your impressions, even if the ecpm for banners is $1 (could be higher) you would be getting $6000 / day and $1000 / day from interstitials ($5 ecpm).

hello @dirhem, you should try exploring additional revenue streams on top of AdMob that you are already using. You can give a try to Pollfish:

Pollfish is an interactive supplementary source of monetization working around the market research landscape. Therefore a lot of developers use Pollfish along with other ad networks (especially with banner ads as you may see in the screenshot) just to boost their current revenue. If you need more info please let me know :slight_smile:

Woow that sounds insane, almost 5x of what I get now. However apodeal seems really new and it feels risky to use them and I couldn’t afford a google play ban risk because of an ad network.

I have them in my apps. They serve ads only from top advertisers that are compliant with google play policies. So there’s no harm in trying them. Definitely better than what you have now Home | Appodeal

appodeal is just free mediation - they show the best paying ads from multiple trusted established companies companies . the advantage is the single SDK and the daily payments

As you said you are in the process of integrating appodeal, from where you got this revenue snapshot?
CTR is too high. ofcourse revenue is great.

Appodeal does not ask ad units info from other ad networks?
does that mean integrating to single appodeal sdk will take care of other ad networks?

whats differenece in your revenue before and after appodeal integration?

I have around 4,000,00 impressions from admob(banner+interstitials) and make some 185 per day.