what ad network to use for a start?

Hi there,

I’m a beginner on Google Play and a bit confused now. I’ve been making apps for a small company here in Berlin but then I left for a study (software engineering). While the study is taking place, me and a friend of mine decided to try out our potential on Google Play. We plan to use ad banners in our app(s) to generate some revenue, but now totally confused about the ad network. I joined AdMob, got a couple of test ads on my device… but then I did some research and was a bit surprised finding out there’re tons of ad networks offering different conditions. As I’m VERY unfamiliar with that kind of topics, I can’t decide. Could you guys who have experience give some suggestions about what ad network is the most advisable to start with? If possible with reasons. Thanks in advance

Start with admob, you can easily change later.

Why not just hit the bulls eye with interstitial? Admob SDK supports it out of the box.

well, since those are full screen ads I have some reasons to assume that this will annoy my users pretty much. Since that’s gonna be my 1st own app in the Store, I decided to only use smart banners which fit nicely in my UI

Well, you need not show the interstitial every-time on click of some button. Just randomize it. In my app, I have set a 10% probability that the interstitial shall be shown on the click of a button in action bar.

If you don’t want to piss off users show interstitials only on exit. I’ve never seen any complaints about showing them like that. You could even try AppBrain AppWall, but they seem to pay quite low these days.

Thanks for you replies. I guess I’m gonna try interstitials on exit. Another question: there’re some app stores beside the Google Play (Samsung Apps ect.), can I post my apps there if some features heavily rely on Google (In-App Billing)…?

Interstitials are best used when there is some sort of change in the state of an App, State can be changing a level in a game or when moving between certain screens. Entry & Exit are also valid states where you can use interstitials. An additional suggestion would be to either directly use a mediation network or use an Ad network that has server side mediation so that your options are flexible.

just tested and noticed that simple Interstitial shown on exit increases RAM amount used by 8-15MB o_0 is that kinda normal?

Maybe it’s just because of Webview loading?

that was my guess too… but that’s a big disadvantage of such ads