What ad network Pay to ACH or Payoneer ?

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What Ad network Pay to ACH or Payoneer ?

mellenial media, smaato, airpush

I receive AirPush payments via payoneer (ACH), and appwiz will begin using payoneer (I think direct payments, not ach) in early 2014, jan/feb. Not sure why others are not adding it too, it’s a great alternative to paypal and very widely used.

Mobario pays with Payoneer, Wire and PayPal.

Payoneer now accepts payments from any US based company via ACH transfer.

I would like to receive payments from MoPub with Payoneer. AFAIK Mopub is a US company (they owned by Twitter now). They claim they do ACH transfer within US. And they require to fill in bank address for ACH. Payoneer rejects to share this address (they use Bank of Ameria, Georgia branch judging by routing number).

So, some questions:

  • does anybody know the address of the bank Payoneer uses?
  • have anyone received payments from MoPub with Payoneer already?
  • will ACH transfer fail if I fill in incorrect bank address? The catch is that only routing number and account number is required for ACH transfer in general. However, Mopub wants to know bank address.

Mopub support did not respond within a week, so posting questions here.

leadbolt pay also via payoneer

I was able to get bank address from Payoneer thanks to their community manager. And received the first payment from MoPub today to the Payoneer account!

So I can confirm MoPub pays to Payoneer via ACH.

We do both! Appwiz

DO NOT try to use Millennial Media with Payoneer!

For about a year I have been using Millennial Media banner ads as a backfill on a couple of my apps that have predominantly US customer base. Millennial usually gave me a marginally better eCPM than Admob for such apps. At some point I decided to switch from PayPal to Payoneer (via their US payment service) as a payment method. I verified that Millennial was a supported company for the US Payment Service on the site of Payonner. I went to the Millennial’s payment details page, switched the payment to bank transfer and entered the US bank account details provided by Payoneer. About a month later I did not get the transfer at the usual time I used to receive the money via Paypal. I wrote to the the customer support of Millennial and they replied that for a bank transfer the sum has to be over 500$. I was OK with waiting for several months’ payments to combine, but even after I accumulated more money than the payment threshold I still did not get my transfer. I wrote the support again and they replied that according to their records they have transferred the money. It turned out that due to the fact that I am outside of the US (which is the reason I use services like Payoneer), when I enter the details, their system assumes that the bank account is foreign, which is the reason why the transfer did not go through. Unfortunately for the last month their customer support stopped responding at all to my questions whether they can fix the payment data or I should go back to PayPal.

At this point of time it seems that I probably will not be able to get my money from Millennial at all, something I did not expect from an ad provider which is supposed to be one of the serious players in the market. I am going back to AdMob and do not reccomend Millennial Media to anyone.

other update ???

We pay via Paypal or Payoneer - which ever you prefer.