Weird things with airpush on the first days ?

seriously guys what is wrong with airpush ? they are very dark and unclear, there are weird things with my stats, i uploaded my app 2 days ago, and until now i have about 50 downloads (yeah i know too bad im also crying ) my stats in airpush says i only have 1 new installs and 9 pushes, how could this happen ? 9 pushes to 1 device only ? when i contact them they say its a integration problem ? seriously then how come i have 1 installs and 9 pushes ? anyone with experience with them please tell me whats wrong ! :slight_smile:

reach out to live support. I had once got my apk checked from their support by sending apk at [email protected]

thats ‘normal’ for airpush if you ask me…especially when you have low no. of install…
another thing is, people usually see 100%+ fill rates in their dashboard…which is impossible !

Dude, calm down!

You have just damn 50 downloads, give it couple of weeks, things will go normal. Also maybe your users cancels your EULA each time. When you get 10,000+ downloads then start to complain, you always posting about for very tiny things like “I got 11 downloads and no pushes”.

Wait a month, then complain about it.

@AndroMania mentioned EULA. Is EULA also necessary for banners

If banners are part of the in-app SDK, then AFAIK it’s possible to avoid the EULA. See Is it possible to hide EULA in Airpush? - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android .

but now a days they have single sdk. probably I’ll get confirmation from their support

Guys seriously im sorry but i was not complaining, im just new to this all and im not sure if im doing wrong or bad, i’m kinda depressed lol


No worries man, but its part of how things work in mobile advertising. you won’t see good results for a while. Gotta wait till more time passes to really give a proper analysis. I’m sure things will get better. I was in the same boat with you when i first added Airpush’s SDK

Thank you, you made me feel much better now :wink: