WebView + AdMob banner = ban


I’m posting this here as a word of warning. AdMob was blocked in one of my applications due to “nude content”. I was surprised since there is no nude in my app. Since I had the luxury to talk to a human being in the appeal process it turned out the problem was a banner ad under a WebView which acted as a simple web browser with google.com as the starting page. They never told my directly that the developer is responsible for the sites the user can access via the WebView, but it looks like this is the case. After I’ve removed the banner under the web browser, they’ve unbanned me luckily.

So if you’re using WebViews in your app, then watch out to which sites thoses views can lead the user.

Now I’m looking for an ad network with good banner ads. Any suggestions?

Also it seems rational to use an Mediation independet of google, since once they disable AdMob, then also ads from other networks are not served (which is just bullshit…). I’ve heard only MoPub is not owned by google, but I don’t know if it’s any good.

Had same issue with my website, some one was posting nude photos in my comments section.

I believe policy clearly states that you can’t put ads on webview where you let user browse web. This is because you are putting ads on content you don’t own and control. Its as simple as that.
I remember seeing admob notes about this in the past.

Just take care of Admob , They can ban you again and suspend all your earnings in no time
However If you want to try another Banner Ads network , I would recommend Mobvista , It works great for me when it comes to banner ,
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Hm, I don’t remeber reading about that in the AdMob content policy. There was only that you can’t include “Nude Content”, but it was never clear you’re responsible for the content that the user can lookup using your application.