Website traffic: + yllix = 63 $

Website traffic: + yllix = 63 $.
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Registered user yllix: click.

Advantages of

  1. It does not matter much in Exoclick
  2. Do not add the Web into your system. Applied after the ad is created, the code to your website or blog us.
  3. Automatic payment There are a cost ranging from $ 1- $ 1,000 to one.
  4. You can determine whether to display billboards showing how such POPUP 1 times 1 IP.
  5. Ads several options.
  6. When the full amount of money that we set the system to automatically pay us as we made the same amount or more, as we set it at $ 1 to $ 6, but we made it to the top of it.

Disadvantages of

  1. The balance figure is quite slow as we do for two days, but the show can see one day (that’s not a problem for me here).
    ** Users who billboards began the first day. I do not panic Why not up the balance.

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