We will PROMOTE your app and give you 10k-1M downloads for free - on rev share terms

We are willing to promote several selected applications in Google Play. It will cost you exactly $0 and 50/50 revenue share.

This is an ideal proposal for those developers who have a content of qood quality but have no idea what to do next and how to promote it in Google Play. Or for those whose apps are not able to reach any tops.
We guarantee you at least 10K downloads for a short period of time. For some cases, it may be 1M+ downloads and high rankings in Google Play search results and top charts.

General conditions:

We publish your application on OUR Google Developer account, to have some control and avoid fraud from your side.

The application may be any kind of app - game, utility etc. It must be:

  • good quality (not wallpapers, cheats apps, flashlights etc.)
  • not infringing any copyrights (no minecraft clones)
  • not adult / racist etc. content
  • there should be no other 100+ apps like this (like mp3 downloader, jigsaw puzzle etc.)

Much more details, FAQ and comments here:
We will PROMOTE your app (10k-1M downloads) for free - rev share terms - Marketing Ideas - Android Profit forums

I will not reply PMs here. I want to keep it organized it in one place.

3 SPOTS LEFT FOR THE FIRST TEST PERIOD. First approved - first served.

1 spot left in this phase. Hurry up with applications.

I have read your other thread and what you’re offering is actually a 75/25 revenue split because on launch interstitial generates about 50% off total revenue, and you want it all to yourself. Are you looking for stupid developers or you thought you’re smarter than everyone?

That’s exactly what I thought…

Still if your app has gone nowhere in the past few months, odds are it’s going to fail. If this guy can do what he says, 25% of what millions of impressions can give is ok with me. It’s hard to find opportunities like this in my experience. However, I still am a bit skeptical. Anyone know of any risks in doing something like this?

I contacted him and we are working together with one game, its the first day promoting and I’m getting good downloads, will see in the next few days.

with regards if it is profitable or not… depends on many factors, only you can decide

Some or TOTAL control? I would never let any of my apps be published on somebodies else account…

You are new to this forum and you are offering something too good to be true, i think we should have some control to avoid fraud from YOUR side

I guess if he tries something funny, you can always just report the account to google. I think the worst case scenario is he reverse engineers your APK and puts his ad network stuff in there for 100%. Not sure why anyone would go through this much trouble to rip someone off since APK’s are easy to get/extract anyhow. Don’t see the harm in testing this with an app you don’t care that much for…

It’s all real like our new partners can confirm. If it doesn’t work for you, I believe you will have a lot of free traffic anywhere else - I really wish you good luck with this.

We have stopped accepting applications and selected 5 apps for promotion.

We will let you know when we start again.

Thank you for attention and please let us know your feedback here.

Working with AdGuru now. Stepped into this being cautious, but so far so good. I’m getting installs, so time will tell if this will be greatly profitable…

Could you share the link of your promoted app?

Interested to see your results as well

So what’s up guys? Any results to share with us?


This week we are looking mostly for utilities and tools, but good quality games are always welcome.
Only high quality and unique apps, please.

Please check more details and send PM there:
We will PROMOTE your app (10k-1M downloads) for free - rev share terms - Marketing Ideas - Android Profit forums
Do not send me PM here.

We will reply everybody and select applications on or before Wednesday July 2nd.

Good luck.

[i]Some results of the first stage of promotion:

5 applications have been promoted.

2 apps in 5K-10K downloads range now.
1 app is removed from Google Play (Ad Policies), we’ve republished another version, and it starts getting downloads.
1 app is in 10K-50K downloads range now.
1 app is in 100K-500K and gets lots of organic traffic.

So I can say, three apps out of five are not a success but still feel ok, and one has a good jump and shows nice revenue numbers.

I am not telling any names and apps here. The owners of the apps are welcome to share their case studies without sharing the titles and links to your products.

Thank you.[/i]

Where the spots ever filled? What was the result?

Well it’s been a couple of weeks now working with AdGuru and overall things are doing ok, and I’m in the 5k-10k range now. I’ve been getting slow and steady growth with about 400-500 downloads per day. Note that on some days the promotion grinds to a halt, perhaps for strategic reasons, but I’m not entirely sure why. The number of installs per day is too small to make any big jumps in ranking, however the users are engaging in my app. The monetization is pretty good for just having 400-500 DAUs per day. Here are my revenue reports for the past 4 days:

Date Requests Impressions Fill rate (%) Clicks Impression CTR (%) Request RPM (USD) Impression RPM (USD) Estimated earnings (USD)
2014-06-24 1177 1017 99.92% 117 11.50% 11.69 13.53 13.76
2014-06-25 2862 2533 99.93% 255 10.07% 8.01 9.05 22.92
2014-06-26 3585 3179 99.80% 434 13.65% 13.26 14.95 47.52
2014-06-27 4079 3569 99.71% 391 10.96% 10.04 11.48 40.96

The traffic comes from all over the place with about 22% being from the US. Although my app probably won’t see the light of day after the top new 30 day window, I’ve learned a lot from this experience, and am generally satisfied with the experience. Also, I feel that some apps/games may fair better than others with his approach. He did mention that my app was getting lower clicks than his other apps, so maybe there are things I should have done to improve that (i.e. better icon, screenshots, description, etc.). Also, this promotion deal is great for those who are just using ads, but I’m not sure how things would work if you had in-app purchases as you’d need to change the google wallet id to the hosting account. Some may not be comfortable with doing this.

Ok so those are great number stats but there is information missing that would help me. Which country have you been able to target and increase your ranks. Are you able to coordinate with ADGURU to target one country or does he make all the choices? If he does targeting then those downloads can get you ranked top 200 or top 100 in several smaller countries.

I don’t think any specific targeting was done, as traffic came from all over. Don’t want to go into details about it, but I just let him do his thing. Also, depending on how he’s getting the traffic, targeting may not be an option. I can bring that up with him though.

Would you be interested in this application?

Best Regards

:cool: hi, i want to try your demo, here is my application