We will Promot your App (1K-1M) for FREE . Earnings on REV SHARE basis

Here is the perfect deal for the developers who wants to earn good amount of money on long term basis.

We are willing to promote several selected applications in Google Play. It will cost you exactly $0 and 50/50 revenue share.

This is an ideal proposal for those developers who have a content of good quality but have no idea what to do next and how to promote it in Google Play. Or for those whose apps are not able to reach any tops.
We guarantee you at least 10K downloads for a short period of time and, for some cases, 1M+ downloads and high rankings in Google Play search results and top charts.

General conditions:

We publish your application on OUR Google Developer account, to have some control and avoid fraud from your side.

The application may be any kind of app - game, utility etc. It must be:

  • good quality (not wallpapers, cheats apps, flash lights etc.)
  • not infringing any copyrights (no mine-craft clones)
  • not adult / racist etc. content
  • there should be no other 100+ apps like this (like mp3 downloaders, jigsaw puzzle etc.)

Revenue share terms:

  1. You show our interstitial on launch of your application. We do not share this revenue.
  2. You register new accounts in ad networks of your choice (like StartApp, Inmobi, Airpush) with our referral link, where applied.
  3. We have an access to dashboard of this ad network account. You update revenue numbers periodically in Google Drive document to have it all in one place.
  4. You use ads in your applications at your choice - anywhere but on app launch, where you show our interstitial.
  5. You set up and receive payments from ad networks to your bank account. You send us 50% of revenue to our bank account by wire or paypal, once a month. It is 50/50 revenue share.

Now we start accepting application. Please do not apply with low quality or spam apps.

Mini FAQ:
Q: Should I provide you a source code / key certificate?
A: No, we do not ask for your source code.

Q: Is your traffic incentivized?
A: No, it is not. It’s all high quality traffic from mixed countries. All users are real. All reviews are natural and will reflect the real quality of your application.

Q: Do you require to sign an agreement?
A: No, for the test period it is not necessary. Once again, we are looking for a long term relationship and 5-7 digits revenue. First 2-4 weeks will show if our partnership is reliable.

Q: How do you determine what amount of traffic to send to my app?
A: We do provide at least 10,000 downloads to check how the application is going. If it performs well, its downloads go up rapidly, we send more traffic to make an additional boost. In some cases it’s easy to reach 10k-100k organic downloads daily with our boost.

Q: Why don’t you just buy applications?
A: We bought some apps in past. Now we decided to focus on our strong side - promoting applications. We would better cooperate with developers - we do marketing, developers do support and updates.

Q: Can I use ad mediation?
A: No, all ads should be shown in the application as we agree initially. If we want to change ad networks, we discuss it and decide whether we do it with an update.

For more details please reply here or PM us here is my contact details : manasadeepthi9 @ gmail. com skype: manasa.deepthi9

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