We can create any Android/IOS App for you!

Hello everyone!

We are a successful team of application developers - Cookie Development. During 3 years of productive work we have proved ourselves as a team of professionals. We have implemented such booming projects as:
Webtransfer Auth (1500+ new users daily);
Ukrainian Currencies (2 place in Ukrainian AppStore);
VideoChat (1000+ new users daily).
Apart from implementing these applications for Android OS and IOS, we have also developed server platforms (backend) for these and many other applications.
As a separate item we should mention designing our projects. All the design works are carried out with the latest fashion, keeping up with the latest trends such as material design and flat design.
Only our team will help you to compose technical task and professionally estimate the cost of developing application for any OS of any difficulty.
We always work with Scrum technology, which allows you to become the direct participant in the creation of your product, yes, creation, not development, as we take/consider the process of development creatively and originative.
Every product ready for releasing is tested out for different scenarios of the server and the user and guarantees applications performance in all announced platforms and on all devices, regardless of manufacturer.
The motto of our team - Come to our side, we are CookieDev and it’s not only cookies that we have.
You can check out the portfolio here.
Find out more about us and our products:
Skype: kathyfrriday
Email: [email protected]
Tel/Viber: +380-95-635-66-55

Good to know Please share your details with our sales team and we will get back to you once we have project for you.