Ways to mount solar panels

Im going to mount some Fafco solar panel heaters to my roof. I’d really hate to drill holes into my roof (even if done correctly with roof sealant). Im thinking of alternative ways to mount it to the roof like using 2x4’s tied to the solar panel headers. And/or drilling the mounting straps into 2x4s instead of the roof (and flipping the 2x4 over after this so that there will be no gap between the straps and solar panels). This would likely keep them secure just from the weight of the 2x4’s but if there is a serious storm I may get nervous. But if a storm is big enough to move 2x4s i would think you could still get damage to the solar system either way.
**Anyone else have any ideas or solutions that have worked for them?**​

I just connected them now, and so far I can’t even say that I’m a specialist, so I’m also looking for an answer to this question

Sorry man, but I can’t see this going. It is better to be safe than sorry. Such panels are heavy. If you don’t mount them carefully, they can damage not only your roof but even the walls of your house. That way, you’ll get more damaged than you would have if you screwed a few more holes on your roof.
Moreover, if the roof is done properly, you won’t have any problems with those holes. Yeah, it may be a little hard to patch it later. But safety is so much pricier than money and time. Moreover, be careful when mounting it, and better call the specialists from https://carportaustralia.com.au/insulated-roof-panels/

The idea of drilling into your roof can be a bit daunting, even if it’s done with the best roof sealant.

Your creative solution involving 2x4s is interesting! One option you might consider is adjustable mounting frames that are designed to sit on your roof without the need for drilling. They can provide a secure anchor for your panels while still preserving your roof’s integrity. By the way, I’ve been in a similar mindset lately, as I’m thinking about installing solar panels at my own place. It’s a great way to harness clean energy and reduce your carbon footprint. I even came across some valuable tips about solar panel installers Ireland during my research.