Way to promote your app

You’re going to invest a lot of time,effort and money into building your app, you want to make sure it’s in front of as many eyes as possible. Through traditional marketing, social media marketing, and word of mouth, you can get the word out about your app. However, your primary focus needs to be on optimizing your presence in the app store.
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it is very interesting knowledge about promoting an app.

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What happen if GP delete your reviews?

Very nice information @nguyen.bui, I will try for my new launched iOS app.

**********What happen if GP delete your reviews?
We 'll guarantee in 2 weeks and recover if your reviews missing
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If you do a continue bad promote on your application, Google can delete it. Bad service.

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ways for you to promote your app:
1.social media. It has massive users base, you can spread your app information very quickly. The weakness: some people may read it and know it, but they may not download it.
2.buy app reviews. some may think it is an unethical way to compete with others. However, it is a way to get your goal easily, which is another approach to get to success. Nowadays, there are all kinds of app service providers in the market. For example, best review app, appreview4u, 6hoursapp~~
3.traditional marketing. It seems to devote a lot of time on it and it brings little effect.
4.update your app periodically.
5.make good use of app store optimization. You can find it at the app store .
6.consider offering a promotional price. provide a catchy one-liner about your app along with the link to download it in your email signature.

1.Get more reviews
The more positive reviews you can get and the higher your app is rated, the higher is can rank in the App Store.An excellent app is highly likely to draw and more and more reviews.But you will still have to take other steps to get the attention before it is downloaded in large numbers.
When you get high quality reviews from your users, it helps in improving the app’s rankings. It will also provide an insight about to potential users.A well accepted app is highly likely to be downloaded by new users.
2.Keyword Optimization
Keywords play a very important role in SEO and so do they in App Store’s ranking algorithm too.You should research keywords and use the most relevant and important keywords in both the app name and description.Keyword research is one of the most important steps involved in optimizing your apps.The App Store uses keywords to identify what your app is about and users this factor as an important one for ranking.
3.App’s retention
Quality is again a big factor when it comes to ensuring longer app retention.Some App Store,like Google Play Store take into account the retention rate of an app for ranking it.So if your app is downloaded and retained(and used often)without being uninstalled by most of users, it is likely to rank higher.
Besides creating a great app, you can use a few more steps to increase your app’s retention.One thing you can do is to ensure that the app description should be to the point when describing what the app can do.Don’t make promises that your app doesn’t deliver.
4.Number of installs
The more the number of installs you have, the better it will be for the ranking algorithm. It is not just the total number of installs, the installation rate also affects your apps ranking in the Play Store. So if you can implement off-page strategies to drive more traffic and increase the installs, it can give a boost to your app’s rankings.
5.Improve&Update your app
Another strategy to improve your app’s ranking is to keep improving and updating it on a regular basis.
(1)Remove the bugs regularly, especially when OS upgrades take place.
(2)Improve the UI regularly.
(3)Take cues from user feedbacks and improve your app.
You should also monitor your app’s ranking on a daily basis. You can also monitor your competitors to learn what they are doing to improve their App Store rankings. Find out when do they update their app and what changes do they make. You can also follow them in many ways.