Watering with ice cubes?

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Posted September 1, 2020

Subject came up on a Google news feed for indoor plants, not specifically indoor palms but got me to thinking about this since over watering is the #1 killer of indoor palms.

I have done it with Orchids and occasionally with potted palms but not as my mainstay watering program.

Anyone here that has done this long term? and how did your palms do?

It’s interesting to come across discussions about different watering methods for indoor plants. While the thread is a bit older, the topic of using ice cubes for watering is quite intriguing. Understandably, overwatering can be a concern, especially for indoor palms.
Using ice cubes as a watering technique could potentially provide a slow and controlled release of moisture, helping to prevent overwatering. While I haven’t personally tried this method long-term, I can see how it might be beneficial, especially for plants that are sensitive to excessive moisture.
If you’re still experimenting with watering techniques, you might want to explore custom ice bags from Custom Plastic Ice Bags as a tool to help you maintain a consistent watering routine.