Warning: Do not use DappWall to promote your app

It is a waste of money from my experience. Go ahead and try it if you want (its only $0.99) but if you spend even $1 else where you can get about 8 installs. With DappWall, I got 1 CLICK and that 1 click probably didn’t result in an install.

Thats absolutely the worst pay per click or install stat I ever seen. $0.99 for one click?? Haha what the heck!! At least you only paid 99 cents to find out it doesn’t work. Imagine if someone spent $100 bucks for 100 clicks and 5 conversions.
Also next time before spending money ask one of us if we tried a service. Any of the experienced guys here will help and if one doesn’t know the answer another one will. I am glad it was only $1 but it could have been more so be careful with your money and don’t be afraid to ask. I am talking to any new people in general who happen to read this.