Warning : appbrain well steal your money

Warning : appbrain well steal your money , I just register with their web site ,and did not add any funds to my account ,after that I found that they are start to collect money from my card without any permission

I don’t think so. Appbrain will collect 100$ for verify your credit card and then they immediate refund (they told me through email, you can write to them in contact page), but some time it face technical problem like me.
You can ask your bank for this, for me i must waiting for 35 day to get my money back (a bit confuse :mad:)

This issue not related to 100$ ,that they are using to verify my credit card ,after write first message ,i discover that they take about 350$ from my card and i didn’t add any fund to my account ,this is my mistake to use company like this one

Have you tried contacting them before throwing around such accusations?

of course i do ,with no answer until now ,they are fast in taking money only
and to be clear ,they collect money and add them to my fund and use them in my apps Promotional ,and as i say ,i didn’t add any fund by my self to my account they start to collect money more than one time automatically

Try to resend your email to: [email protected], [email protected].
Many dev here use appbrain long time ago.

i try many times using their different emails ,with no answer until now

Hi, try this email [email protected]

Did you set up ad campaigns?

You don’t have to add funds to your account when you add a credit card. After adding the credit card, you can start running ad campaigns, and they will charge the card after the installs have been delivered.

This is Mathijs from AppBrain. Let me make clear that we’re not stealing money from people.

The credit card payment method means that an advertiser gives us permission to charge his card for promotion budget that he spends, after the installs happen. We can only take money from somebody’s credit card when he puts in his credit card data in our system, and thus agrees to our terms.
Note that the AppBrain promotion system makes it easy to control your spend by supporting a per-day limit and an overall per-app promotion limit. In addition, every time we do a credit card charge we send an email to the notification email address, so it’s clear at all times what we’re charging for, and the dashboard allows you to stop a campaign at any time. The first few charges are always $100 or less.

We’re sorry if the system is confusing to people, and advise to not set your campaign to running without a budget limit if you’re starting off with a first promotion.
If there are any questions we’re happy to provide support via [email protected].

So Why you add a big button say (Add Fund) to your account,or send this in email (On this dashboard you can add funds to your account)
in my opinion you make your system confusing to people and different from other systems (most other systems ,you add fund first and they use fund available that the user put it ,not use client credit card as open fund):mad:to take more money from them

My 100$ still in frozen state, sad about appbrain

My 120$ too, no response…
120$ doesn’t hurt me, but will hurt they.

all money still frozen ,with no response ,do not use appbrain

I add fund using PayPal before. The desired amount deducted from Paypal account and the credit will be in Appbrain account. So far no issue with the system. Maybe the credit card option is really bad thing and taking developers money.

they take more than 350$ from my card before i know