Waooo AdColony

I tried AdColony in my apps on startup after splash ad of startapp and Amazed by revenue of AdColony. $3.++ eCPM :smiley: and real-time revenue reports. I will say jusy waooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :cool:

Are your users not based in the US? For pre-roll video ads you can typically see $7~10eCPM.

so you showing two ads on launch. Great courage if that is so!!!

Yes adcolony is good I`m using it in my iOS app

Yes. But not on same time. because startapp loads fast and first. and Adcolony later.

But before the user can use the app, he/she has to close two ad units. right?

No. Before appearing video ad user can use app.

What about your fillrate ?? is your impression number same as startapp numbers ??

Fill rate 99% and impressions are 5-10% less than StartApp Splash. Less maybe user exit app before video ad loads.

Heard a lot about video ads. but i have almost zero understanding about those ads.

Kindly throw some light what are the pros/cons of video ads?

what type of apps and session time can be integrated with these ads?

Does Admob also have video ads?

I tried video ads for 2 months, it works really well if you have big volume of impression (ecpm 7-8$). AdColony pays per view which is good but… fill rate is terrible, I’m quite suprise emma got 100% fill rate. In my case I saw good numbers using Vungle. I show video between levels or on game overs, also if you add some code you can ask user to watch 3/4 videos to get free ad game/app

I have 12-15k impressions daily and currently uses admob banner/full ads.
Is it worth to integrate video ads for me?

it is but take in consideration that if you show banner/interstitial/video users will complain :slight_smile:

What if i will kick out banners/intetstitial ads and show video ads alone?

will it give me chance to smile in comparison of banners/interstitial for 22k page view daily?

eCPM is around 6$-10$ so only you knows. I recommend you to implement some kind of house ads in order to turn on/off Video or banners, then you can test how performs both

I will recommend video ads strongly.