Wandle - unique service for management of your calls and notification messages.

How often have you been in awkward situations connected with untimely calls?
How many times have you forgotten to silence your device at the cinema, at college or at any important meeting?
Protect yourself from this problem forever!

Now your device will learn to choose automatically a necessary mode of notification depending on time and place.
Wandle does not require continuous Internet connection, is completely free and simple in management,
and its configuration will not take even a minute.

★ Choose places on the map (house, cinema) where Do Not Disturb mode shall be automatically activated.

★ In advance or instantly fix time in which you will not be disturbed.

★ Make lists of contacts and applications for which you will be always accessible.

★ Do not pass important calls, using Urgent Call function.
The third call of the same subscriber within five minutes will not be muted.

★ Create automatic SMS answers to incoming calls, using Answering machine.

★ Having muted your device, Wandle will automatically ask how long not to disturb you.
All functions are combined and interact among themselves, providing an individual approach to each user.

Wandle - concentrate on the main thing!

We are a small team from Minsk that develops and promotes a completely new method of managing notifications.
Write us! Your feedbacks and proposals are very important for us.
It is you who influence further development of our service:
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