WallpaperCloud HD - Infinite Cloud of HD Wallpapers; and FREE

Hi Friends,
Please check out our latest app titled WallpaperCloud HD. Our cloud consists of HD wallpapers belonging to various categories like Travel, Arts, Celebs, Nature, Models, Animals etc.

Please provide feedback on the app’s features and content. The Following is the download link:

WallpaperCloud HD

App Description

Infinite Cloud of HD Wallpapers!!!

WallpaperCloud HD is the ultimate unbounded wallpaper cloud with many categories.All the Wallpapers are of HD i.e HighDefinition quality.

Our cloud is available all over the world hence we can serve wallpapers to any corner of the globe.Our app is the fastest in delivering quality wallpapers.

The faster our network is the faster our wallpapers are fetched.

Our Application suits all resolutions and can be used for both Phones as well as Tablets.

The Following are our Main Feautures:

  1. Supports 2 Modes in Setting Wallpapers. Crop-Set and Set as is.
    ‘Crop-set’ is where the user can crop any section of the Wallpaper and set it as Wallpaper.
    (This is very useful for ‘celebs’ and ‘models’ categories of wallpapers.)

‘Set as-is’ is where the whole Picture is set as wallpaper.This is ideal for
categories such as Nature, Arts, Travel etc…

  1. Unlimited Wallpapers - You get Unlimited Wallpapers via Periodic additions to the WallpaperCloud Cloud.

  2. Notifications on arrival of new Wallpapers via Push notifications i.e if we add new wallpapers to our
    cloud you get an instant notification on how many wallpapers we have added and to which category.

  3. Zooming of Images. Responds to pinching as well as double tap.

  4. CoverFlow User Interface for Categories and View Pager Interface for Wallpapers.

  5. Auto-Caching of Wallapapers for quicker display.

  6. The Various Categories include Arts, Nature, Celebs, Cars, models, animals and travel.

  7. Can be used for all device resolutions including Tablets.