[WALLPAPER][4.0+] Moon Knight - dark fantasy live wallpaper by Anvilgard

NO ADS ☚ Dark fantasy interactive animated live wallpaper! (phone & tablet, HD artwork)
Creepy atmosphere of ancient evil and forbidden magic!
Are you brave enough to summon Moon Knight to your home screen?
His dark twisted soul is forever damned to wander in Grim Wastelands… He has slayed all those dauntless warriors who dared to challenge his might! Their souls are trapped in his Twilight Sword, sealed by mystic runes. Will you join them? Or do you really have the power to control Moon Knight? Prepare to Touch the Other Side!!!
This is not a static fantasy image you often see, but a real interactive live wallpaper at its best!
Great for those who like CG artwork & games.
Mystery, magic, gothic, runes, ravens… what else does a real dark fantasy art fan dream about?

Free features (no ads!) ➠
★ animated Moon Knight with moving body parts (2 idle animations)
★ touch Knight’s head, his eyes will glow and he will talk to you or laugh
★ dark fantasy landscape background (HD, optimized for tablet)
★ pulsing moon glow
★ randomly generated moving clouds
★ flying background ravens
★ flickering animated candle
★ rune stone (landscape only)

Extended feature set (in-app purchase - buy now, while its cheap!) ➠
★ 2 new Knight themes (Dark Knight armor and Ghost Knight armor)
★ touch Twilight Sword, behold glowing runes and hear the whispers of fallen heroes’ souls!
★ touch the Knight’s flag and he will stomp the ground with it. Heavens will shake with roaring thunder!
★ the Knight has yet more things to tell you about The Other Side… Touch his helm if you dare…
★ mysterious fog creeps over Grim Wastelands…
★ touch the moon to start/stop scary background music
★ 2 new Knight idle animations for better variety. They are subtle but every bit counts!
★ ravens explode when touched! Such a relief… and fun!
★ change spawn rate of ravens & clouds to whatever suites you best
★ rune stone tells fortune (a varitation of good old 8-ball: ask a question, touch the runestone and ancient runes will tell you the answer! you can find the meaning of runes in Rune Book in settings) - landscape only


Welcome to my magic dream world!
I hope you will enjoy this live wallpaper!



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