Wait to put ads on your apps?

Hi! I’m newbie developer for Android. I’m singed up to some ad networks to add ads in my apps but all asking me the market url from my app, but… If I wanna put ads before to upload the app! Any ideas? Im doing something wrong?

Sorry my bad english!

Some ad networks (like AdMob) will ask you for the Market URL, but it doesn’t matter what you type in. Just make up a url (such as market://details?id=your.package.name), and put it in that box. Even though your app isn’t published yet, when it is published the URL will be correct.

I know AdMob lets you request ads before you’ve published your app. But some other networks (such as MobFox) need to manually approve your app before they’ll let you display live ads. This could be difficult if your app isn’t on Google Play yet.

But any network should let you integrate the SDK and display “demo” or “testing” ads, before your app is approved.

I’d recommend starting out with AdMob. Don’t worry about the market url at first. You’ll still be able to request ads before your app is published.

Thanks, I will try admod and madvertise (I read are the most “standars”) and I hope all work fine :slight_smile:

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