VPN / PROXY SERVICE - Suggestions?!?

I am currently using Squid Proxies web proxy for logging into developer accounts and using Astril VPN Services for other activities. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether it would be best to switch to VPN service to log into my developer accounts. As well if there are any flaws to using Squid, followed by any suggestions for a good place to get Private IPs and a nice price. I want to make sure that I am following the best method to log into all my developer accounts safely without sending up any red flags. All feedback would be much appreciated!

I understand that proxy services and VPN services cost some $10 each per month. Isn’t it a good idea to buy a machine on the cloud (amazon etc.) on pay as you go model?

hidemyass is one vpn service i know about.

hidemyass seems to cheesy to me. I used them before and was getting roasted alot. I just want to find a really solid service… even if it costs a little bit more. Starting to think i should get a botnet…

I’m using WiTopia as vpn service. it is fine.

I use Torr browser…I am not sure if I recommend it as I just had my account banned…I would also be interested to hear what people use.

My apps have been having a bit of difficulties staying on the market as well… I’m not sure if its my Proxie settings or my app content google has not been happy with, let us know how it goes… I’m using squid proxies as well and so far they seem to be working out ok… best of luck on finding a better provider and let us know how it goes