VPN mobile hotspot

I want to know if this would work make a VPN as a mobile hotspot that secure where i surf and other thing?I been doing a lot of things about this project.
Would this slow down my internet?

What you guys think?

With VPN hotspot, you’re dividing your actual bandwidth with the users that connect via your device so yes it would slow your connection down but it might not be as noticeable if you have good connection, let’s say 5 MB at least or over.

To test if the connection is secure, I would recommend using a Free VPN app (PureVPN works well for me and is pretty stable) and test your IP address before and after connection from one or more devices. You can use whatismyipaddress for this.

This setup should work just fine!

Do you know if there a source for something like that?

I would also like to know that if there is anything like a source - so any new ideas?

If someone will connect to your device, your net will become slow.