Votter: The Social Voting App

Hi guys,

I have another App for ya. I think they keep getting better each time :slight_smile: If you have time check it out and let me know what you think (and of course glowing reviews always help :stuck_out_tongue: )



Votter: The Social Voting App. Cast your Votter now!

Votter is Android’s first and best social voting app. Vote on important issues of the day or vote on your favorite movie. Will you vote for Obama or Romney, Are you a cat person or a dog person, favorite vacation spot in the world? Let the world know and cast your Votter now!


Votter Allows you to:

  • Cast a vote on any poll. Mature content polls must be enabled via the option menu
  • See the results of the poll broken down by gender (and more filters to come)
  • Discuss each poll on our Blotter. Don’t like the answer? Think the poll is biased? Let the author know in the Blotter.
  • Earn points and submit your own poll. You earn points through voting and blottering and once you submit a poll to the system you will receive extra points for everyone who votes on your poll.
    Enjoy and get Vottering!

-The Globe Otter Team

Hi again,

I’ve just released a big update so now you can upload and vote on image polls. Let me know how it gores for you or if you have any suggestions for new features.