VLC has less Latency while streaming compare to my own app

I have a problem while streaming video from raspberry pi to android.
The problem is delay… VLC Android player has a delay of 1-2 sec where as an app which i designed to stream as 13 to 15 sec of delay… my i know what makes vlc to stream with such a less Latency so that i can modify my own application… Thank You… :slight_smile:

Well, yes VLC offers the best possible experience by giving users more control, in terms of latency and all ! So, yes you can make changes accordingly and yes what I was thinking is what is the point of asking this question over here ! Oh I get it you are trying to tell something more over here :smiley:

I want to know how it manages less latency… Because i have developed an app for streaming which takes huge time to start and the delay is around 15 sec where as vlc takes very less time 1 or 2 sec… so my question is “what makes vlc android to have such a less dealy/latency?”