Visual Advertising for Apps

Using music apps allows you to combine visual ads with audio and subscription options. Using the right strategy can bag you a solid revenue channel, so let’s see what our favorite apps have managed to figure out so far…

Apps like Pandora, 8 tracks, and Songza like to use FULL SCREEN ads. In fact, 50.3% of all developers prefer this format because of the high eCPM numbers, but it’s also considered to be one of the most distracting forms of advertisement, capable to force your retention rate right down. If you can find the right moment to use them, you can keep both, your revenue and your users.

SMALL BANNERS considered to be the cheapest in the industry and the easiest to place. The least you can do is to make sure your ad is of good quality and size.
Shortened text is the problem on advertising side, but it passed the moderation of the network. The smaller the network, the better they handle the moderation. Unfortunately, big volume of advertisers sometimes makes even giants, like Google, overloaded. You can always contact your network to resolve the issue.

TuneIn uses 300*250 FORMATS and makes them look native by replacing the album cover. Pandora uses the regular placement instead. Remember, even visuals that do not stop you from pushing buttons, still disturb the user. The better it looks and placed, the more positive response you get.

VIDEO is the most tricky part for any music app. Think about your user behavior. They open an app to start the playlist - in a car, before a run, or to set an ambiance at home. The occasion will determine if they pay attention to the screen. Literally.
Pandora uses Cross Promo to promote it’s own deals.
Networks, like MoPub and Chartboost allow cross promo.
Originally it supposed to make your users to be aware of other products/services, similar to yours, to drive conversions.

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