Viral Promo Video

Hey guys/gals, I’m new to app development and came out with my first game which was intended for practice. Wasn’t expecting anything out of it, but it’s gotten pretty good reception, so I’ve been experimenting with different marketing methods including non-incentivised downloads, social media, etc. I think the value of YouTube is totally underestimated and am sure that if you could tap into the virality formula, I think it would be a quite effective marketing method. So I made up my own promo video which attempts to make the game look really cool and makes a huge announcement at the end, kind of like the Marvel movies usually do. I’d like to get your opinion on the video and your take on this approach.

I think the video is a bit too long, since most of the action is very repetitive. You can get rid of maybe 10-20 seconds of gameplay and the ending is not very crisp. It just goes on from 45 seconds onwards.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes think I need to condense the gameplay to about 15 seconds. The long black screen at the end is normal for YT videos. The plan is to put clickable links for cross promos in there as needed.