VIP area and Post Likes....

hi there.

i have a pretty good suggestion.

instead of creating a private forum/badge for those who make $1000/day or whatever … we can tally up all the post likes forum member receives, then create a private VIP forum for those with X amount of liked posts… that way members have “street cred” and they provide to the community to earn that street cred (instead of flat out buying their way in)

I see a lot of this type of cred system on WSO and BlackHat forums (where I’ve been a member forever) so I was surprised when I did not see a “like” count anywhere under usernames …

I think this will separate those who nag, and those who are worth listening to! And we will reward those who are worth listening to with a VIP badge and their own private forum to share info


Interesting idea. I’m actually testing a ranking/achievements system for this site right now. It certainly makes sense to reward people for high quality contributions. I hadn’t considered extending this to a VIP forum area, but that could work as well.

Expect to see some “street cred” stuff coming soon! :slight_smile:

Since this is making money forum, are you planning to allow redeem those likes/mentions from TapJoy – joking :smiley:

I think it’s a good ideia. The actual reward system is a bit confusing with two tipes of ‘likes’ and a ‘thanks’ button.

i like this idea and i just love this to have such vip area for vip members