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Hi David,
I like to read this forum and every day I look for new posts and switching in mobile version of this forum comes handy because of “View new posts” link.
Could you add it to the normal version?


And while we are at it - “set all forums as read” doesn’t work and is only visible in normal version.

I’m not sure that this can be added/fixed very easily. The forum is based on MyBB, and I haven’t actually done any coding for it. Recently I’ve been getting a little frustrated at how difficult it is to upgrade to a new version. I have to go through and manually edit the templates every time, and I’ve broken stuff doing this before. I’m wondering if it might be better to migrate to Vanilla or even VBulletin just to get a better supported product.

What do people think about a possible migration down the track? Would it be worth going through a password change, learning a new system, and changing of the link structure, just to get a more polished and future-proof system?

When I first launched the forum, I wasn’t sure how popular it would be. Now that it’s being used by a lot of people, I’d like to take the time to make sure it’s prepared for future growth.

Given what seems like a steady influx of new joiners (and I assume a certain number of lurkers) I’d say it’s worth any mild pain to migrate. I would imagine that sooner rather than later is best, and it might also prompt some users to revisit if they get a notification about accounts changing.

Is there no way to migrate the accounts from MyBB?

Thanks for the feedback! That’s exactly what I was thinking.

The state of forum migration tools in general is pretty bad. Especially for MyBB - the only option I would have is to convert MyBB to phpBB (using an unsupported and largely undocumented tool), and then convert phpBB to whatever other format I wanted. No matter what process I use, the password hashing system varies between forums so that’s why the passwords would have to be changed.

The only easy migration tool seems to be the (paid) gConverter service. I’d probably end up using them, as I’ve read on several forums that they do a good job.