vietnam spam and review exchange filter

this vietnam spam is very annoying , if u cant block it how about blocking every post in vietnamese?

and i think there should be some filter for those review exchanges. i use your android app to display forum and check new posts but most of them are review exchanges which most ppl arent interested.

it wouls make this forum almost perfect

let’s allow review exchange. Why not? But new forum category like “Review Exchange” would be nice

i meant there should be option to hide it in new posts tab, didnt say about deleting it.

I am bumping this thread. We definetly need an antispam filter. Some kind of antispam filter on topics or registration or both. Please do something with it. We have more and more spammers and forum becomes unreadable

Im with Mateusz, lets take care of this, its hard to find what I need with all the foreign spam…

Totally agree, David (admin of this website) has no time to administrate anymore (he’s working for google). I think he should transfer the site to someone else who can lead,manage and speed the organic grow of the site

David if you hear that please do something:)

PS Congratulations on Google job:)

Thanks :wink: I’ve been travelling overseas these past few weeks (New York and Russia) so didn’t get a chance to reply to this yet.

With regards to the spam - I concur with what people are saying. It’s been a growing issue as the website gets bigger. What may not be obvious, is that you’re actually only seeing the tip of the iceberg. There is already an “anti-spam” filter in place which is picking up the majority of spam being posted. I’ve been regularly going through and manually moderating the stuff that I can see, which trains the anti-spam filter and it’s actually even catching most of the foreign language spam at the moment. But “most” clearly isn’t enough - there’s still enough slipping through that it’s causing a detrimental experience for people.

Moving forward, it seems the best solution will be:
1.) Develop some clear policies for what is spam, and what is not spam but still shouldn’t be posted.
2.) Get some more people on-board as moderators, so that the forum being clean of spam doesn’t depend purely on my availability.
3.) Continue to revise the above policies so that most moderation can be done quickly based on some simple guidelines.

I’ve started work on the first one (for example, adding some prohibited content notes to the forum rules). And have had expressions of interest from people who would be happy to help moderating the forums. Now what remains is to further develop the content policy, make sure this includes feedback from the site members, and then elect some people to do the moderation.

At the moment I’m also still working on the technical side of making sure that moderators would have the right access levels, and not end up breaking too much :stuck_out_tongue:
Also to throw a spanner in the works, I’ve been not-so-secretly working on a similar forum for iOS developers. So want to ideally make sure the moderation and content policy can be similar across both of these before launch.

So in summary - sorry about the continued spam problem. The total time I spend moderating this hasn’t really decreased, even with my new job. The problem is the spam volume keeps increasing. Hopefully can open up for more moderators shortly, which won’t fix the root cause but at least alleviate the symptoms and be much more scalable.

Let me know if you have any feedback on the stuff outlined above!

It’s goot to hear from you:)

  1. If you won’t find any trustful moderator I can handle those spam messages by deleting them but I can’t promise that I will be active user everyday. Sometimes when I am busy I don’t read forum for few weeks.

most of the spam here is in vietnamese so you can manualy create filter to filter every post with vietnamese characters (it looks like roman letters with dots or other tone marks). that would filter 90% of spam here. the other 10% is in English but 2-3 active moderators will be enought.

its glad to see that you didnt abandon this forum. have a nice day

Sorry you guys about this. As a vietnamese, I’m very ashamed about this. If someone makes a thread that only contains vietnamese language, please delete it, it’s spam. For example:�ng-ng-gi�-ch-299-tri-u-s-h-u-ngay.html

The spam thread that i give above is about selling & maketing stuff like houses, cars, motobycible, etc. I think that kind of thread is made by some desperate vietnamese seller, he is trying to sell his product everywhere he can.

But if someone makes a thread that contains both english and vietnamese, you can see in the title, it’s not spam, such as:
I think this thread should not be deleted, I’m very thank to Administrator who has a kind to keep it continuing. :smiley:

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