Video plus Offerwall Ad Network - Minimob

Am looking for an ad network that has video ads as well as offerwalls, good video inventory and a maximum Net 30 payment period. So far only minimob has fulfilled my requirements. Who has used minimob before? How is their cpm/support/inventory? Which other network can i use?

Hi fanta,

You should try out Supersonic! Supersonic’s lightweight SDK delivers offerwalls, rewarded video with video ad mediation (ensuring high fill rate and highest serving ads) and interstitials. High and stable CPMs. We pay net14, except for the very first payment which is net45. Our self served platform gives you full control of your budget and campaigns. PM me if you’d like to receive a 50$ promotion to try out our platform!

The AppFlood system permits Android engineers to specifically control the circulation parts of their versatile business and gives a stage to purchase, offer and trade portable movement. I think, you should try this.

minimob ad is not show up. what’s wrong?

superrsonic can do that, try it

You can utilize “Airpush” cause it’s best. I also use it for my work.

Video ads, offerwall,
net7 payment terms
try now :wink: